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  • Charles is one of the BEST in the area.
    Charles is one of the best in the area. When I was in trouble and needed an attorney before court he came to the rescue. My family had sent another attorney to talk to me prior to court but the attorney cancelled on me and never gave a reason why. Luckily Charles was able to make a special appearance for me in court with very short notice. He was very sincere when I talked to him and he made me feel comfortable and gave me hope for the future, I highly recommend him!

    - Christy

  • best legal advice we have EVER received!
    By far the best legal advice we have received EVER. Highly recommend Mr. Smith.

    Last year we had an issue with our registered firearms. We didn't know if we needed to hire a lawyer or not. After one phone call with Mr. Smith he told my husband how to fill out the forms necessary for the safe return of our firearms. He also told my husband what to expect with the court process and fines we'd need to pay due to storage fees. He even advised us he did not need to be hired if we followed his steps - this proves this man is wonderful!

    A couple of days ago we had another issue we needed to discuss with Mr. Smith. Once again he spoke with my husband and advised him we had nothing to worry about and talked us through the legal process. We thanked him for his help last year and for the wonderful free legal advice he gave us via phone.

    Highly recommend this man, he's very knowledgeable.

    - Deb

  • The Best in the Business!
    I am blessed to say that Charles is the best at what he does...HANDS DOWN!!!!!
    He is truly a great person and very kind hearted. My wife and our 5 kids are blessed to have gained such a beautiful relationship with Charles, his wife Mary and kids.

    I first met him in November of 2010. I was being charged with an assault with a deadly weapon(my hands were considered deadly) and gang enhancement charges. Upfront....I don't have a squeaky clean record and was facing this case with a strike on my adult record from a crime I committed when I was 17yrs. old in 1997 (which I served county time for). I made plenty of wrong choices growing up and Charles took the time to hear my side.

    This case lasted over 3 years. From start of this case when I was initially bailed out, the DA took us back to court twice, YES TWICE to raise my bail and tried to remand me immediately. Nope, Charles wasn't having it. He filed motions and took the time to really understand the case in detail. And boy did he find loop holes. This might be a great time to say, "I AM INNOCENT!!!!!" BOTH attempts were declined. And that was just another sign confirmation that Charles was truly heaven sent.

    Throughout the case, lasting 3yrs., we went to court several times from arraignment to increased bail hearings, pre-trial conferences (TWICE) in 12 months, and finally jury trial lasting months. He didn't back down from anything the DA pushed for me to take as a plea bargain. He found so many holes in the case, he carried my co-defendants and their lawyers on his shoulders as well. YES, even though my co-defendants had their own lawyers, CHARLES really fought for us all. I should also add that Charles postponed his much needed hip surgery to defend my innocence!!! He literally fought through his own physical pains to do so.

    Through all the painful hardships, I'm blessed to say I WAS PROVEN INNOCENT!!!! (as well as my co-defendants)

    I thank the Lord everyday for sending Charles into my life. His wife Mary is the best and she makes the best chocolate chip cookies. LOL. In all seriousness, she is the back bone for Charles and without her guidance as well, my wife and I can't thank her enough. Genuine!!!!! I recommend Charles to everyone I know.

    - Sione

  • Dedicated Professional!
    Today was the end of a 3 year emotionally draining roller coaster ride centered on a mistake my son made. I can only praise God for creating the wonderfully caring human that is Charles Smith. His warm,caring and witty demeanor guided my son and I through the darkest period of our lives and finally into the light. He constantly assured us for almost 3 years that everything would be fine and he was true to his word. A very rare occurrence these days that only a dedicated professional like Charles could make a reality. Clarence Darrow would be very proud of you Charles. Thank you for being our true friend and should you ever need our help just ask and you shall receive it. God bless!!

    - Mike

  • Went above and beyond representing me.
    Charles is an extraordinary gentleman. He went above and beyond representing me and has transformed my life and the lives of those around me for the better. I highly recommend him.

    - R.H.

  • Charles is your guy!
    No one ever WANTS to need an attorney, but if you do, Charles is your guy! As someone who values face-to-face interactions with those I work with, I had never met Charles in person. However, I did not feel like there was a disconnect in our phone calls. He was attentive, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. While I hope never to need an attorney again, Charles will remain in my emergency phone contacts!

    - Deanna

  • Thank you for proving my husband's innocence.
    I don't have much to say, but the fact of the matter is, if Charles wasn't in the courtroom for us, I wouldn't have my husband with me for another 10 or 20 years. Thank you for proving his innocence! I'm eternally grateful. Even 2 yrs after the 3 yr long court case is over. I still think of all you've done.
    God Bless Charles & thank you!

    - Claudia

  • Mr. Smith takes care of business 100%!
    Charles helped me and my former roommate to beat a 3 strikes case in 2009. Both of our cases were tried as 25 years to life and we both got out after a year served in the county. Mr. Smith takes care of business 100%. Thank you very much Sir and God Bless you great job well done

    - Orlando